Say Goodbye to Lines Around The Eyes

November 4, 2020
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to Lines Around The Eyes

The first sign of lines around the eyes can make you feel like you’re getting old all of a sudden. Thoughts start to run around in your head, 

“If only I’d applied that sunscreen on holiday!” 

“Where are my sunglasses?!” 

“I really need to stop smiling so much, this is impacting my age!” 

“I need to get more sleep!”

Sometimes, we can blame ourselves, but often it can be due to many other factors too, such as hydration and genetics. Drinking lots of water, can plump up your skin naturally, making skin appear thicker and more voluminous.

The volume around the sensitive eye area can be easily treated and you can say goodbye to crow’s feet, using the right filler around the eye area. Often it’s as simple as getting some hydration to this area with Juvederm Hydrate.

Restylane Fynesse is another brand that can treat the peri-orbital lines around the eyes and also contains Lidocaine to ensure the treatment is less painful. It’s great for superficial wrinkles.

Another popular filler to treat fine lines around the eyes is Belotero Soft which creates a natural fill where it’s needed most. Easy to malleable, this filler can diminish those lines that you dread seeing each morning when you look in the mirror.

Alternatively, you may want to consider Juvederm Volift which is a versatile filler used for many different areas of treatment. It rejuvenates and restores loss of volume in frown lines, smoker’s lines and crow’s feet.

We also sell a range of eye contour-care products from a range of brands, including FILLMED, Filorga, La Mer, Lancome and Sesderma. So if you’re looking to care for the skin around your eyes in a more specific way, take a look at each of these products.

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